Sunday, 14 May 2017

Paper: 'Flow Network Motifs Applied to Football Passing Data'

I wrote this paper to be presented at MathSport 2017 Conference in Padua University in June. It's a bit heavy on the mathematics in chapter 2 but should be fairly readable from there on. Here's the abstract so you can know if you're interested in reading it before opening the whole document:

"Network Motifs are important local properties of networks, and have lately drawn increasing attention as promising concepts to unearth structural design characteristics of complex networks. In this document, we push the boundaries of the existing body of literature which has used this theory to study soccer passing networks by attempting to uncover unique team passing network structure, and make a rigorous attempt to formalise a theoretical framework in which to carry out and evaluate these analyses. We contribute to the existing body of knowledge by proposing a framework based on repeatability in which to establish the ideal length of flow motifs with which to study soccer passing networks, and also by considering spatial classifications of flow motifs to achieve greater precision in our claim to discover unique team passing network style."

Anyways, here's the link to the pdf on Google Drive:

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